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Begonnen von Blanex10, Montag, 04.September.2017 | 19:04:32 Uhr

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Help!! I really need to see these pictures https://magnetofon.de/nhc/Gallery_MO/displayimage.php?album=87&pos=76 https://magnetofon.de/nhc/Gallery_MO/displayimage.php?album=87&pos=76 https://magnetofon.de/nhc/Gallery_MO/displayimage.php?album=87&pos=75

but it gives me an error every time. Does anyone else have these pictures or any information on these speakers. I'm restoring a pair missing boss bass drivers and passive radiators, was trying to find the information on the originals

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Zitat von: Jürgen Heiliger am Montag, 04.September.2017 | 19:35:09 Uhr

Thank you so much you are amazing!! Cant believe you replied so quick <3

Am I doing something wrong, when I try to view the original links i get the message: "There was an error while processing a database query". Your links work perfect though. Is there any way to get around that? I wouldnt mind browsing other catalogues :)

I am still trying to find the Thiele/Small values of these speakers, but i'm guessing these will be harder to find. Do you have any recommendations for a replacement driver for the 8" woofer or know what model number the original was? I was thinking this might work and look nice - https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-ds215-8-8-designer-series-woofer-speaker--295-430 but without knowing what the original was its hard to guess. I ordered these passive radiators as they look similar to the originals http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/cJoAAOSw4shX-Rhv/s-l1600.jpg

I'm hoping i can bring these speakers back to life as the tweeter+mid sound amazing!